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Marrow Cellution

Liquid Gold: Autograft is the gold standard in bone grafting. Marrow Cellution technology provides a cellular equivalent to autograft by revolutionizing bone marrow aspiration by limiting peripheral blood dilution.

Marrow Cellution diagram

Rapid, Centrifuge-Free Aspiration with Clinically Significant Stem Cell Yields

Unlike traditional needles that draw primarily from an open-ended cannula, leading to significant dilution, Marrow Cellution limits peripheral blood dilution through controlled harvesting over multiple geographies in a single puncture, ensuring high-quality aspirate.

In retrospective analyses, Marrow Cellution’s CFU-f quantity closely mirrors that of Autograft. The technology has also repeatedly shown superiority over centrifuge-based systems.

Clinical Evidence

There are now over seventeen peer-reviewed journal articles and papers across thousands of patients demonstrating the effectiveness of Cervos Marrow Cellution technology in multiple clinical settings.

Marrow Cellution Functionally Equivalent to Autograft

Analysis Sample
TNC x 106/mL
Cervos BMA2 5 5309 68.5
Cervos BMA3 5 4828 55.1
Cervos BMA4 5 5653 43.4
Cervos BMA5 22 4838 47.0
Cervos BMA Total 37 5010 50.5
Autograft1 10 4564 55.7

Data on File: 1.) Muschler, 2.) Bianco, 3.) Tortland, 4.) Scarpone, 5.) Lutz

Bone Marrow Aspiration, enhanced view

Closed Distal Tip

Optimized side ports force aspiration laterally, minimizing collection of peripheral blood

Harvesting Multiple Geographies

A mechanical screw set enables precise aspiration from multiple locations

Aspirate to Application™

Perform rapid aspiration and delivery without leaving the sterile field – no centrifugation required

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