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Innovating to Advance Natural Healing

Cervos Medical is a procedure driven medical device company that develops innovative solutions to improve natural healing. Our best-in-class orthobiologic products harness the power of vasculogenesis, the body’s natural reparative mechanism, to enhance regenerative outcomes and innovate the future of orthobiologic medicine.

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A History of Clinical Innovation

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ranfac, Cervos leverages specialized manufacturing capabilities to create minimally invasive, highly efficient, and cost-effective solutions to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions by repairing bone, preserving joints, and managing chronic pain. Through cutting-edge tools and innovative solutions, Cervos is committed to working with providers to improve long-term outcomes for their patients.


Proven Commitment to Patient Safety

Cervos is proud to be a leading developer of highly efficient products that prioritize sterility without sacrificing efficacy. All of our devices are FDA cleared and manufactured in US-based ISO-9000 registered facilities, aligning with our mission to go one step beyond compliance to ensure we meet or exceed the expectations of our providers and their patients. Our devices are terminally sterilized using FDA validated processes and designed to streamline off-field processing to decrease the amount of time the patient is in the operating room.


Cervos is rapidly expanding, and we are partnering with the best representatives in the industry. If you are interested in growing your business and bringing your customers best-in class Orthobiologic procedural solutions, talk to our team members about joining the Cervos Medical team.


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